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Zenith bank USSD banking : complete guide

Zenith Bank is owned by Mr Jim Ovia. zenith bank is one of the most celebrated bank in Nigeria today. In fact when it comes to pictures of the public, people actually prefer zenith bank to almost all other banks in Nigeria.

One thing that mostly differentiates zenith Bank from other banks in Nigeria is their kind of building. They are known for their white and red trademark.

In this era of a financial cashless Society, zenith bank has been in the fore front by providing their users and customers with every means possible to carry out bank transactions cashlessly.

So today I’m going to be talking about the USSD code for zenith bank. The USSD profile is a system that allows you to carry out some of the most important bank transactions using your mobile phone even without mobile data connection.

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For zenith bank users and customers the USSD code is *966#.

With that simple code you can purchase airtime for yourself or for a friend, transfer money to another account in zenith bank or any other bank in Nigeria and do a lot more.

So quickly I’ll be working you through the various processes through which you can utilized a zenith bank USSD banking system.

To check your zenith bank account balance the first thing you do is you dial the access code which is *966# and then you answer with 4. This would display your account balance on your mobile phone.

To buy airtime for yourself or for a friend you dial *966# and answer with 5

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to transfer money to a zenith bank account or any other account of any bank in Nigeria you dial *966# and answer with 6

These are the basic things we need most of the time. We can also do a lot more using the zenith bank USSD banking system such as paying for your bills and utilities as well as subscribing for your satellite TV and the rest. Hope you find this article useful.

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