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Want make Money from Youtube? See How

Youtube as you all know is the largest video clip storage website in the world. in fact, its growth is so large that is currently ranked as the second largest search engine in the world and the largest video search engine.

surprisely, many marketers or internet marketers rather tend to ignore this strength of this internet giant. by now, the huge brands in the world have taken it as a point of responsibility to start creating an awareness for their brand on youtube. so today, i am going to be showing you how you can make a lot of money by monetizing your creative work on youtube.

there are a tons of ways and methods you can use to monetize your youtube channel but before you should think of monetizing your youtube channel, there are some requirement that would make things easier and more rewarding

some of these requirements are

  • A good amount of loyal followers : i strongly recommend you have up to two thousand subscribers before you should think of monetizing your youtube channel at all. this would ensure and guaranty that each new video you upload to youtube gets a significant amount of boost and promotion.
  • A good number of quality videos : to me, a quality video should not be less than 10 minutes and should be of high quality, audio and visual inclusive. you should create a library of at least 30 videos before you consider to apply for any monetization skills. this would help you build a loyal audience.
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once you got all those ready, I am going to tell you a couple of ways you can monetize your blog.

Youtube partnership program

the youtube partnership program also called YPP is a program that allows youtube place ads before, within and at the end of videos. in return they pay you a percentage of the revenue generated from your video. before you can apply for the youtube partnership program, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and also a minimum of 5000 watched hour within the last 12 month.

once you get pasted to criteria, you can then apply to be a part of the program. typically, youtube pays about $4 of every 500 views an ads get on your video. it however varies and depend on your niche, the location of your viewers and the niche of your channel.

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you must also know that for videos that are less than 10 minutes, you are only allowed to placed ads at the beginning of your video.

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is a way you can monetize you channel without harming the user experience. all you need to do is to sign u for the affiliate program of any product you mostly recommend to your viewer.

after signing up for the affiliate program, you would be given an affiliate link which you can use to promote the product. whenever someone clicks your affiliate link an makes a purchase on the merchants website, you would automatically earn an affiliate commission, which could either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the money paid.

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this is actually for huge youtube channels with a hugh following. it is a quite straight forward method of monetizing your channel as brands comes to you and make an offer either in form of cash or kind just for you to mention their brand to your audience.

i know it may be tempting to start going out to look for sponsors but if you o this, people would think you are broke and desperate, so the best way to go about it is to stay put and let your brand and popularity announce itself.

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