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Sterling bank USSD banking : complete guide

Banking in this age has never being easier than the way it is now.

The use of automated teller machines popularly called ATM is gradually fading out as internet banking is taking over the economy of the world.

One of these new internet method of banking which is extremely easy is called USSD banking.

USSD banking involves banking using USSD codes right from your mobile phones.

Some of the advantages of using USSD banking is that 

  • It is more easier to use compared to using an app.
  • It is extremely fast and convient
  • It is secure
  • It works every single hour of the day 
  • And most of all, you do not need mobile data to carry out any bank transaction.
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To use Sterling bank USSD banking, you would need

  • The phone number and sim of you used while opening your bank account (this is for identification and security reasons)
  • A mobile phone (even without internet access)

Once you got all those things ready, you will be able to carry out banking transactions using the USSD system

To get started simply dial *822#

This would pop up the general menu from which you can access various other services.

On the first page that pops up you would see a lot of choice such as buying airtime and transferring cash.

To help you understand it better, I will explain the major ones.

Process and transaction steps

To purchase airtime for yourself, after dialing *822#, answer 2. Then you would be asked for the amount of airtime you want to buy.

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To purchase airtime for others, after dailing *822#, answer 3. Then you will be asked to enter the destination phone number and the amount of airtime you wish to purchase.

To transfer money to any Sterling bank account, dial *822# and answer 4. You will be asked for the destination account number and be told to confirm the name.

To transfer money to any non Sterling bank account number, after dialing *822#, answer 5. You will be ask for the account number of the destination bank followed by the name of the bank. After which you will be told to confirm the account name

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To check your account balance, after dialing *822#, answe 6 and you will be shown your account balance.

Just in case you need to give any body your account number, after dialing *822#, answer with 8. Please you will need a pen to write down your number as USSD banking does not support the copy and paste feature.

That’s all, some few transactions like checking of account statement are strictly restricted from the USSD functionality.

If you are having any problem with the whole process, go to a Sterling bank branch and make a complaint. Avoid letting unauthorized people gain access to your bank issues.

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