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Preparing your blog for adsense approval

Google adsense is definitely one of the best ads network for bloggers and publishers worldwide. it is owned by tech and search engine giant, Google.

Google adsense helps bloggers and publishers make money from their traffic by placing ads within their blog pages and post. whenever someone clicks on any of these google ads, the owner of the website is being paid a couple of cents. websites or blog with a huge amount of daily visitors can actually make a lot of money effortlessly using google adsense.

one of the beauty of google adsense is that it does require any work or effort at all apart from creating great contents. all you need to do is to place a single ads code on your blogger header and the google adsense algorithm will automatically display ads in various spot around your blog being determined by the data they have at hand. so with just one code, you can start earning big.

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however, google adsense is very strict when it comes to their terms of service and program policy, that is why a lot of blogs that apply to be a part of the google adsense program often times get rejected.

so today, i am goimg to be showing you how to prepare your blog for google adsense so that you will not get rejected

preparing for google adsense

the first step in peparing your blog for google adsense is to have a good number of useful and informative contents. in fact, without contents, your blog will never be accepted into the program because the main aim of google adsense is to allow bloggers monetize their contents.

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also if you copy and paste contents and articles from other blogs and websites, google would detect it and reject your blog as well.

secondly, you should make sure your blog is extremely easy to navigate. this means you should have a functional header and footer menu and your contents and pages hsould be properly linked to each other.

thirdly, you should have some legal pages like your contact us page, privacy policy page and about us page. this would make your blog look professional and responsible as recommended by google adsense.

to create your about us page, simply write a brief description of your blog and yourself

to create a contact us page, i strongly recommend you use a contact form plugin as that would be considered more professonal

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finally to create your privacy policy page, i would recommend you use a privacy policy generator. you can find one at www.privacypolicygenerator.info. it will help you generate a reasonable and acceptable privacy policy for your blog.

also if you engage in some affiliate programs, having an affiliate disclosure would equally be of great help.

finally, deal with copyright issues

one of the most reason why your blog can still be rejected even when you have done everything right is due to copyright problems. you may ask, where cn a blogger violate this order? very simple. you can volate copy right when it comes to the images you use on your blog post.

that is why i recommend using canva to design all your images, also using stock photos could be really safe as well.


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