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Introduction to niche websites

Building an authority website could actually be a very stressful and time consuming process. This is because you will need to publish a lot of top quality contents and stand on a higher Plato to compete with the internet giants.

So going for a smaller alternative such as a niche website could be a good idea. A niche website is a website that talks specifically on a particular topic.

For instance, you can have a niche website that talks about dogs or a niche site that takes about soundbproofing ones house.

What ever the topic may be, just make sure it has sufficient topic ideas and low competition.

Going on to produce a niche website gives you a greater opportunity to rank quickly on google for very specific and definite keywords or phrases.

So now we have being able to know what a niche website means, let us mention some of the advantages and disadvantages of building niche websites against building authority websites

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By building a niche website, you are able to target a very specific audience

It is less stressful and time consuming to build a niche site as a against an authority website

Niche websites tend to rank more easily on google

Building a niche website could be a lot of fun as opposed to building an authority website.

Building a niche website can fetch you a consistent and completely passive stream of income month after month.


Niche websites tends to generate less revenue than authority websites

Niche websites sometimes find it difficult to rank for highly competitive terms.

The traffic of a niche website is also lower than that of an authority website and this tends to reduce revenue

So let’s move on to the next step of getting your niche website ready.

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First of all, to build a website you would need a domain name and a web hosting plan. You can get both at amazing prices at bluehost.

For your domain name, since it is a niche website, I would advice you go for an exact match domain name. For example if you are talking about the divorce niche, you can use a domain name like divorcemanager.com or divorceguide.com or probably divorcedoctor.com

This would ensure that your potential visitors know what your website is exactly able from the onset.

So after setting up your website, make sure your theme is highly responsive.

I would advise you hire a search engine optimizer to help you set up the necessary search engine optimization setting for your blog.

After all the technical stuffs are set, you can then begin to publish articles.

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I usually recommend you start by publish 30 articles at a stretch within 2 months (if you can do it in one month, it is better). Make sure your article are thorough and helpful to your potential reader.

According to teaching and practices from income school, after building the contents, you are to leave the site for about eight months of Google to run their algorithm test on your content and start ranking your blog.

So now you got a decent amount of traffic coming to your blog, you can then choose to monetize it using various ways available such as serving ads from Google AdSense or promoting some affiliate products. These are the two major ways niche website are being monetized.

You can also decided to sell lead if it is supported in your Industry or sell digital products.

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