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Introduction to lead generation

Over the years lead generation has evolved to a very sophisticated industry, with the invention of digital devices and the internet, there is no gain saying that every aspect of human endeavour is being replicated online. Imagine your traditional stores replaced with an online store and a magazine being replaced with an online magazine. Same thing applies when it comes to the industry of lead generation.

Now you may want to ask what exactly is lead generation, it is quite easy, Lead generation according to content creator is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

I do know if you have probably experience this, but in this part of the world where I live, whenever you go to a shopping complex to purchase an item, you would see bulk of people outside their shops trying to get new customers. What they are actually doing in business is termed lead generation. They are trying to discover potential customers, while some might buy from them others might not.

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Coming to the online world their are a lot of multi billion dollar companies seeking for new client, so they tend to implement various techniques such as affiliate marketing, advertising as well as lead generation.

Let’s that this lead generation event as an instance so that you get a clearer picture of how it works. I want to generate leads for a car insurance company. I don’t just go gathering the email addresses of my friends as leads because they are not potential clients, so I got to find a way to find those who are interested in owning a car insurance policy and send their contacts as leads. So this is exactly how I would go about it. I would run a keyword research related to the keyword “car insurance”.

I actually use Moz for keyword research, so according to the data I have being able to gather here, I know that people who are actually interested in a car insurance policy search for key terms such as car insurance companies, car insurance quotes, car insurance calculator among a host of others.

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With Moz you can get up to a thousand related keyword.

Now I know exactly how to find my target audience, all I need to do is to find a way to get to them via Google. To do so I got a create either an online tool or a blog. Oh yes, most blogs serve as lead generation platforms, just think of it, who would want to use Moz? Simple answer, those who are interested in keyword research and I know you are, so I have being able to generate a lead(you) for moz. That exactly how it works. So you create a blog or contact us to create one for you. Meanwhile note that not all blogs are suitable for lead generation, your blog as to be carefully optimized to increase conversions.

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So let’s assume you got your blog set up, you move on with creating really useful articles and guides for your audience and probably add an optin form in your blog post, either in form of a pop-up or landing page. Do not neglect our article that teaches you how to get your landing pages and pop up ready for mega conversions.

Now think about it, at first you got the world to deal with, then you filtered out those that are interested in owning a car insurance policy from those that are not and finally you have those that are really really ready. You can them send a mail to them or better still place a call. You would agree with me that it is easier to call fifteen people than over four thousand.

End of story.

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