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Set a gig on Fiverr

Hello guys, Today I will be sharing with you how you can market, render services to people all over the world while sitting in your bedroom. This can be done with your mobile device or pc, don’t worry, you don’t have to learn any form of coding or programming languages. There is a platform that is actually at the peak of this aspect whereby anyone in need of a service ranging from article writing to video game creation, can get an expert to make that wish come through. On the other hand, people place their services for sale and are able to render these services to people in need of them. I am going to be teaching you how to setup your account, adorn your profile in other to maximize your chances of getting hired and place your services for sale.

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Let’s get started.

Fiverr is a platform that does the above mentioned things


You have to visit their site at www.fiverr.com , locate the sellers section and click on the create account option. 

Note : It only supports desktop view.

You need your basic identity such as phone number(needs verification), email address, Facebook account(optional), Twitter(optional).

You will also need to specify your field, as in the kind of services that you can render, off course, your name, country of residence and a portrait of yourself. You will also be asked to give your qualifications pertaining to your field, these might be level of education, skills acquired, level of experience and so on. You can ignore some of those information but not much because you are strictly required to fill at least 60% to 70% of what is required depending on your field. With all these, you are good to kick of with your Fiverr account.

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Setting up a new gig

After you step up your account, click on the add gig option and describe the nature of your gig. Don’t get confused, a gig is same as the service you render.

You are to add a title which tells what you can do for your potential customers. The title should not be too lengthy, it would be rejected if it is too long.

Then you give detailed description. You are also allowed to fix the price for your service. You can also grade the service for different prices. You can increase the price for extra early delivery and other additional services.

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Also give the needed requirements for you to work with. This can be put in form of questions with multiple choices answers, or completely independent answers required. Make sure you add a photo illustrating your services and some other works you’ve done before. That’s all..

You will receive a notification whenever someone orders your service, so always check on your account regularly.  Make sure you submit your products early to increase you reputation.

That’s all, with this I am sure you will have a smoother and easier tour through these processes.  You can then select your payment method and get paid as soon as possible. Avoid often delaying or disappointing customers as this can lead to account termination.

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