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How to save YouTube videos to your mobile phone

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world and the largest video search engine that has ever existed.

It entertains over 1 billion users every single month making it one of the largest websites in the world. the last time I checked they had over 1 billion videos as well.

However due to copyright related issues YouTube doesn’t allow you to download their videos to your phone gallery. the best you have done is allowing you download it to your YouTube app so that you can watch it all the times without putting on your mobile data but this is limited and a lot of people want to have these videos for live on there on their local disk drive.

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So today I’m going to be teaching you how to download videos from YouTube to your phone gallery so that you can have them for ever.

How to download YouTube videos

Now to do this we are going to be needing for your things but I will try to stick with the easiest way possible.

The first thing you will need is an app which can download from the Google play store called vidmate and for this purpose we shall be using the web version of youtube.

By saying the web version, I actually mean visiting the YouTube website using your browser (like chrome or Firefox).

so once you got the app downloaded and installed on your mobile device is the next things to go to YouTube on web and look for the video you want to downloonce you find the video you’re going to hold on it until it pops up a dialogue on your screen with various options now you go to look for option which says copy link address.

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I guess you know how to copy and paste on your Android device.

So let us move on

Now you take that link and gold launcher vidmate app. Once the app has successfully opened, I want you to paste the link on the search bar at the top of the app.

To verify the video the vidmate app is going to show you the thumbnail of the video you wish to download.

after confirming you going to see various qualities below the thumbnail these qualities are actually what determine how clear your video is. Usually the first quality is an audio version so be very careful if you click on the first quality, what you are going to get is an audio which is an MP3. you going to get an audio of your video, so it will be really useful if all you want is just the audio probably a music or whatever.

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Please note that sometimes, the video format may not be compatible with your 

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