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How to Get Canada Work Visa: Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

How to Get Canada Work Visa: 5 Steps to Help You Secure a Job in Canada

A work visa is a border procedure that enables you to enter, stay and work in Canada. As of April 2017, there are two types of work visas: the Temporary Work Permit and the Permanent Work Permit. The Temporary Work Permit allows you to come to Canada temporarily so you can find employment before getting your Permanent Work Permit. Here are some tips on how to get this visa!

Step 1: Check your eligibility for Canada Work Visa

The first step is to check if you are eligible for this visa. If you are able to work in Canada and you have a job offer, then you can apply for the Temporary Work Permit. You must also meet specific requirements like being 18 or older, having a high school diploma or equivalent, and not having any criminal record.

Step 2: Apply for the Temporary Work Permit

After determining that you are eligible, then it’s time to apply for the Temporary Work Permit. The application process is fairly simple as long as your employer has already got an approved Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This document certifies that they will not use any workers from outside of Canada. They also need to provide their Alien Status Verification number so their eligibility can be verified with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Step 3: Wait for your Permanent Work Permit

With the LMIA applied for, you’ll be issued a temporary work permit and start working in Canada! After a set amount of time working in Canada, you will apply for your Permanent Work Visa. This one has stricter guidelines than the Temporary Work Permit; however, if you are able to meet these requirements, then your Permanent Work Visa should be granted!

Step 2: Check to see if you have the right documents

As a first step, you will need to check if you have the right documents for your job in Canada. If you are applying for a Temporary Work Permit, then you will need to provide your passport as well as some other specific and required documents. If it is a Permanent Work Permit, then all the documents required can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

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Step 3: Fill out a temporary work permit application form

First, you’ll need to fill out a temporary work permit application form. You’ll need the following information:

• name

• address in Canada

• contact phone number

• passport number and expiry date

• previous employer’s name and address in Canada

• how much you will be paid per month

• employment offer letter from your Canadian employer

After filling out the form, you will mail it back to the Canadian immigration department. It can take up to two weeks for your work permit application to be processed. It is recommended that you apply at least 30 days before your planned entry into Canada.

Step 4: Meet with an officer of Immigration Canada

Once you have a job offer, it is now time to meet with an officer of Immigration Canada. You will need to bring your letter of employment, the job offer, and your resume. The officer will go over the terms and conditions of your work visa. Be honest about your situation in order to make sure that you get what you want out of this process.

What are some other tips on how to get a Canada work visa?

– Meet with an officer at a Canadian embassy or consulate in person.

– Bring all required documents when visiting the Canadian embassy or consulate.

– If you’re not going through immigration services, it’s best to apply for temporary residency before applying for the work permit.

Step 5: Get your Permanent Work Permit

Once you’ve found a job in Canada, it’s time to apply for your permanent work permit. There are two ways to apply for a Permanent Work Permit. You can either apply for the permit directly or through your employer. If applying for the permit directly, you’ll need to provide immigration authorities with documents related to your employment and residence in Canada such as your offer of employment letter and proof of payment receipt. If applying through your employer, they will have to send immigration authorization forms to immigration authorities.

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Once you get your Permanent Work Permit, you’re eligible to stay and work in Canada indefinitely!

What is a Canada work visa?

101 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act defines a work visa as “a document issued by Canada, under this Act or any other Act of Parliament, that is limited to authorizing the temporary entry into Canada of a foreign national for the purpose of engaging in employment in Canada.”

A Temporary Work Permit allows you to enter, stay and work in Canada temporarily. If you want to stay permanently, apply for a Permanent Work Visa.

How to obtain a Canada work visa

You should start by finding a job in Canada. This will give you the opportunity to make your application for a work permit more convincing. You don’t need a job offer, just a Canadian company proposing to hire you for the position.

Once you have found an employer and a position that you want to apply for, you can apply for your Temporary Work Permit. Keep in mind that it could take several months before this visa is issued so be patient! Then, once the work permit has been issued, submit your application for Permanent Work Permit (PWP).

If this is your first time applying and if you are applying under the International Experience Class stream of immigration, then you must wait until after becoming a permanent resident before making your application. If this visa is not your first time applying, then there is no waiting period and you can apply right away!

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Tips for applying for Canada work visa

Know that you need an employer to sponsor you. Apply for the work visa in Canada. If you are not employed yet, apply for this visa before you come to Canada.

Complete your application early and submit it without any delay.

Apply for the work visa online before coming to Canada. You can also apply by mail or at a Canadian embassy or consulate abroad.

Bring all the required documentation with you when applying for the work visa in person or online.

Common issues with work visas in Canada

There are a few common issues with work visas in Canada. The first is that not all jobs qualify for this visa, and the second is that it can be quite challenging to get your work visa approved. This can become especially frustrating if you apply for the work permit before coming to Canada and then find out that your job doesn’t qualify for the visa.

If you have these problems, there’s a few things you can do. You could contact the Canadian consulate in your country of origin, or you could look into other Canadian provinces and territories to see if they offer more options than just Toronto or Vancouver. If you’re looking at other areas in Canada, be sure to research their requirements before applying!

What to do after you get your Canada work visa

Once you get your work visa, you should start looking for a Canadian employer that is willing to hire you. By doing this, you will be able to gain experience and increase your chances of getting hired at the end of your work visa period.

In order to find a Canadian employer, there are some websites you can use to search for them:

CanadaJobs.com- The largest job board in Canada

Jobbank.ca- A website that specializes in jobs in Canada

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