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Guidelines : picking a blog niche

When it comes to blogging, one of the very few things that can either make a blog become a success or failure is the niche that the owner of the blog picks.

There are a lot of articles on the web with a lot of do and do not when it comes to picking a blog niche, many of them are on point while a lot of them are just religious preachers.

So today, I am going to be teaching you how to pick a blog niche that would surely lead your blog to success if every other thing is done right.

Firstly, before you pick a blog niche, you should ask yourself a simple question “who am I” this question would help you determine a lot of things which include what you have being interested in, what you are currently interested in and what you may be interested in, in the future.

Once you put out a list which defines you and answer those questions, we can now move on

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Pick a Niche you are interested in

This is what differentiate works from blogging, if you blog about a topic you are not interested in or passionate about, you will end up stressing yourself and feel bored in the course of the journey. So to have fun blogging, blog about something you do everyday. Preferably something you love.

Pick a small niche and expand later

The problem many people encounter is that they put in all the work and yet hardly see any result. This is because they refused to start small. They wanted to build a website like the giant blog that exist today, forgetting that Rome was not built in one day.

So if you are going to start blogging today, I actually advise you pick a small niche and fix it well, you can later expand to other areas around your niche.

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Remember, the key to niche domination is slow and steady wins the game.

Avoid dead niche

O actually classify dead niches into two categories which include over populated niche and no traffic niche.

If you enter these niche for a start, you will end up being frustrated, this is because the competition will so much bury your website dip below the search engine result page, where no body will see it. And if no body sees ir, you would automatically not get any traffic and hence no generate revenue from your blog.

Examples of these niches include

  • The entertainment niche
  • The make money blogging niche
  • The make money online niche
  • The food niche
  • The fitness niche
  • And a lot more

The blogs that dominate these niches are so strong that it will be almost impossible to compete with them.

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Going local might be better

I know a lot of bloggers tend to want traffic from outside their country especially from the United States of America, probably because of the high Google AdSense cost per click.

However, ranking on the universal search can be an hefty task compared to ranking for local searches. This is why I recommend niching down as you would stand a higher chance of success and recognition.

Solves someone’s problem

If your blog doesn’t solve people’s problem you would find it difficult to monetize it. login is like a business and business is that solve a problem win.

So before you pick a blog niche, ask yourself this simple question, does this blog stuff someone’s problem or what problem will I be solving for the public.

If your blog is built on flawless ideas of you making money alone it will end up a failure.

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