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First bank USSD banking : the complete guide

The first Bank of Nigeria which is said to be the first commercial Bank in Nigeria, is one of the greatest and biggest player in the commercial banking industry in Nigeria.

With branches nation wide, there is no doubt that the bank is still on the vision of expanding it’s service to everyone in Nigeria. However, they have not left aside the internet banking system.

First bank also has a lot innovative projects to facilitate financial freedom as well as flexibility.

They also have a very popular USSD banking system which is usually flaunted all around their banking hall and automated teller machines across Nigeria.

So today I am going to teach you how to perform your casual bank transactions using the USSD banking system if you bank with first bank.

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One of the numerous advantages first bank USSD has especially in a developing country like Nigeria, is that you do not need an Android device or even mobile data to perform a transaction.

Even if you use a phone that cost #2500, you would still be able to perform banking transactions using it.

So the USSD code for all first bank customers is *894#

So before I call it a close, I would be walking you through the various steps you are to take for performing major and popular bank transactions.

To transfer money from your bank account to any other bank account, dial *894# and then answer with 1. You will be asked for the destination bank account number and the destination bank name after which you will be required to input the amount of money you want to transfer.

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To purchase airtime for yourself (that is the phone number you used to open your first bank bank account), dial *894# and then answer 2. You will be asked to input the amount of airtime you want to buy and the network service operator of the number.

To purchase airtime for a family member or friend, dial *894# and then answer 3. You will be asked to input the Destination phone number as well as the amount of airtime you want to buy and the network service operator of the destination phone number.

To check your first Bank account balance, all you need to do is dial *894# and then answer with 4. Or you can choose to dial *894*00# and it would show you your account balance.

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To purchase mobile data for either you or a friend, simply dial *894# and then answer with 5.

If you are having any problem or difficulty banking using the first bank USSD banking system, do not complain to a neighbor of friend to avoid been scammed. Instead, visit the nearest first bank branches closest to you.

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