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Casual ways to monetize a blog

Blogging is a short form of web logging. This involves placing contents on the internet for the free consumption of the general public.

However, back in the days people took blogging as an hobby and fun but today is has grown into a very lucrative industry.

Do you know you can earn more than you currently earn at work blogging. Go check out some example of successful bloggers worldwide who are making over 25,000 dollars every single month from their creative effort.

Such of which are ryrob, Neil patel, harsh agrawal and a lot more.

So today, I am going to show you some of the ways you can monetize your blog and turn it traffic into money.

So of them may not be appropriate if you are just starting your blog, so let’s get started.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a company owned by search engine giant, Google. I guess you should know already, after all it is called google AdSense.

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Google AdSense is capable of placing ads on your website and they pay you on a PPC basis. PPC stands for pay period click and it is a system where Google pays you a certain amount of money for each and every click made by a visitor on any ads on your website. If you are having up to a daily traffic of 5000 page views a day. You should be able to make a lot of money using Google AdSense.

It is 100 percent passive as all you need to do is to place a piece of codes within the head tags of your theme and google would automatically display ads all over your website.

To start earning with google AdSense, you would need a standard blog that has a contact page, a about us page and a well written privacy policy.

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Once this is done, you can officially apply at their official website as google.com/adsense.

Sales of digital products

Digital products include any product at all that can be sold and delivered with the help of the internet. This include ebooks, cheatsheets and online or digital courses.

Once you got a reasonable following, you can decide to create an ebooks and market it via your blog.

Membership site

A membership site involves restricting some part of your websites from the general public. These areas would only be made accessible to members. This is a cool way to generate recurring revenue without much work.

However, note that building a successful membership website is not an easy task and a takes a lot of efforts and commitment.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a marketing system where you get paid for each person you refer to a merchant that makes a purchase.

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Affiliate marketing is currently at it’s pick as bloggers who are doing it right are already making over a thousand dollars monthly promoting big, small and medium brands.

Accept donations

If your blog actually imparts people’s life and there is no straight way you can make money from it, you may want to consider accepting donations. This is very useful if you are running a religious blog.

You can accept donations easily using PayPal donations.

To enhance the results, you can offer a free material that they would get after donating as a thank you for donating gift.

Sell your services as a freelancer

If you run in a niche where your readers would need some specialize expertise, you may be able to land one or more contracts.

This is the best way to monetise a new blog with little traffic.

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