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5 Best courses to study in Nigeria

In Nigeria, although getting a job might not lead to self fulfillment and financial freedom but getting a job seems to be the easiest and most viable way out of poverty.

With over a million students applying to get into higher institution every year, Nigeria is yet to experience the peak of unemployment.

Today in Nigeria, not all careers are born equal. As a matter of fact, picking a course of student in Nigeria could be the difference between poverty and freedom, employment or unemployment.

This is because the population of graduates are becoming over whelming and the jobs at hand is not capable of handling the bills of everyone.

However, there are some major courses that have being able to strike the needle in order to keep the demand for experts in their industry High.

So today I am going to be sharing with you some of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

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Medicine and surgery

This is the course almost all life science students in Nigeria she craving for. This is because of the job security doctors enjoy in Nigeria.

Also they have a very attractive salary making it a top choice.

However, the main reason why this course is still as lucrative as it is today is because the association of medical doctors actually limit the number of students that can be admitted into the school of medicine.


Nurses both home are abroad is a very lucrative and will paid course.

Although in Nigeria, you would need a little connection to get a good job as a nurse but if you travel overseas, your monthly salary might end up being bigger than the annual salary of a doctor in Nigeria.

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Electrical Engineering

Out of all the various branches of engineering, I can say that this is the most lucrative courses in tense of job security and self employment. As an electrical engineer, you can start a lot of companies and also easily secure mega contracts. So if you want to study engineering, I guess you might want to consider electrical engineering.

Civil engineering

civil engineering is that branch of Engineering that deals with the construction and maintenance of structures and buildings.

As a civil engineer in Nigeria you can easily get employed because almost everybody dreams or aspires to have a building of their own. so despite the government contracts you will see be able to secure a lot of personal contract that could actually feed the life style of your dream.

To study civil engineering in Nigeria you would have to be a physical science students an go for a first degree in any university in Nigeria for the period of five years.

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I actually did not want to include law here because the course is getting more over crowded and less lucrative every single day.

To make a dent using a degree in law, you would have to have a strong network of connection, this is because almost everyone in Nigeria would go for an alternative instead of going to court.

Due to the corruption and injustice in Nigeria, a lot of poeple dread going to court as they would prefer an out of court settlement.

To study law in Nigeria is six years after which you would need to do to a law school which is either based on Lagos or Abuja for a certain period of time.

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