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3 things bloggers do that kills their SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization and ranking on google, there are a lot of things people do either knowingly or not knowingly that can cause a great deal of damage to their website, thereby putting all there creative effort to waste.

Google is very sensitive when it comes to the kind of website it chooses to rank on the search result page and therefore has a lot of do and don’t that webmasters such or rather must align to inorder to get a fair judgement from Google.

Google algorithm has being known for performing various user testing activities on website and blog in other for them to classify where it should rank in the search result page. Any things you as a webmaster do to either trick or alter this process may lead to your website or blog being penalized or dropped from the ranking.

Like I said earlier on, a lot of people trick this Google bots knowingly while others do so out of ignorance, but whatever way you go, you will surely have to bear the consequences.

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Just for you to get it clear, there is actually nothing like a trick that works for search engine optimization today, in fact what used to be referred to as white hat trick or grey hat trick is now called black hat trick. So any white hat trick you think you got and you are playing smart with will only need just one Google algorithm update and you will be off the ranking process.

So the best thing to do is to, write great contents and then sit and watch as the Google search bot do what they know how to do best.

So just incase you are already using your trick that you learnt from either experience, a blog post or probably a YouTube video, today I am going to be giving you about three of the most used ranking tricks that would get your website penalized.

Building links

A lot of search engine optimization gurus will tell you that for your website to rank, you would need to to build a ton of backlinks while some really honest ones tell you that you need to purchase these backlinks to get Google to trust you. So whatever way you choose to go, just know that Google is against such practices. This singular act is why most people are busy searching for websites where they could make a guess post and place one or two links to their website.

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If you do this, you are only shortening the lifespan of your blog. Google is smarter than an search engine optimization gurus out there and they would surely catch up with you faster than you can imagine and when they do so, you will get a manual penalty on your blog. And I guess you know how devastating that could be.

Keyword stuffing

This used to be a white hat practice but it is currently regarded as a black hat practice. However some people who are unaware are still doing it.

Keyword stuffing includes making use of your target keyword multiple times in your article or blog post inorder to trick google to rank you higher.

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If you do this, you die.

In fact when it comes to search engine optimization, keyword stuffing is referred to as a serious crime and it would not take the algorithm up to twenty four hours to detect and penalize your article.

So what should you do? Just be natural, do not write for the search engine, instead write for people and you would have no problem at all with Google.

False internal linking

This involves linking phrases on your blog post to other articles inappropriately. If your keyphrase does not match with the article you are linking to, Google is most likely to penalize your website in the ranking process. Only link out to other articles when it is relevant and necessary.

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